Baal – Persona 5 Guide

Baal – Persona 5 Guide

The following page contains the information on the Persona Baal from Persona

How to Build EVERY Party Member in Persona 5 Royal

Happy P5R Day!

– I made a written version of this a while ago:

For the best armor:

Men: Tantric Oath R (Itemize S atan during an Alarm)
Women: Sirius Armor EX (Messiah, Alarm) or Lovely Witches Robe (Wash the sooty armor you can get from Scathach during the final Palace)
Morgana: Dragon Scale Scarf (Clean sooty armor you get from Fafnir during the final Palace)

Character’s ultimate weapons (and their secondary effects):

Melee: Punish Dagger (Airsoft Shop) or Paradise Lost R, Reduce Curse dmg (high), (Itemize Satanael during an Alarm)
Ranged: Tyrant Pistol EX, +15 Magic (Lucifer, Alarm) or Nataraja EX, +6 All Stats (Metatron, Alarm)

Melee: Claiomh Solais R, +50 SP (Mother Harlot, Alarm)
Ranged: Sudarshana EX, High dizzy (Vishnu, Alarm)

Melee: Imprisoned Mjolnir, +Elec attacks (Thor, Alarm)
Ranged: Megido Buster, High burn (Shiva, Alarm)

Melee: Dainaraka Whip, High freeze (Black Frost, Alarm)
Ranged: Gungnir, Medium despair (Odin, Alarm)

Melee: Usumidori R, High fear (Yoshitsune, Alarm) or Senryou Takusha R, +6 Strength (Ame-no-Uzume, Alarm)
Ranged: Providence, +13 Agility (Uriel, Alarm)

Melee: Gordios, +Critical Rate up (high), (Cybele, Alarm)
Ranged: Judge End, All stats +11 (Michael, Alarm)

Melee: Fleurs du Mal R, Ma+6/High Dizzy (Beelzebub, Alarm)
Ranged: Yagrush EX, High shock (Baal, Alarm)

** 3rd Sem Chars **

Melee: Hinokagutsuchi II, High burn (Futsunushi, Alarm)
Ranged: Ancient Day, All stats +6 (Vohu Manah, Alarm)

Melee: Sword of Sinai II, High dizzy (Sandalphon, Alarm)
Ranged: Sahasrara EX, All stats +6 (Ardha, Alarm)

0:00 Intro
2:27 Morgana
3:40 Ryuji
4:29 Ann
5:26 Yusuke
6:14 Makoto
7:28 Haru
9:21 3rd Semester Char 1
11:18 3rd Semester Char 2
11:52 Outro

Track Names: Life Goes On
Composed By: Shoji Meguro

Disclaimer: Footage in this video is ©ATLUS and ©SEGA.

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Persona 5 (PS4) – Max Confidant Rank Guide for the Hierophant Arcana (Sojiro Sakura)

In this video I’ll be showing you guys how to max out the Hierophant arcana link for the Confidant Sojiro Sakura. By the time you get to Rank 10, all of you will be adept at making coffee, just like the main character. At rank 10, you get the ability to fuse Kohryu, the highest tiered Hierophant persona.

Sojiro Sakura is the owner of the Leblanc Café, and so he will be found in Leblanc and you can try to Rank his Confidant link during the night. His Arcana link is only available after the story progresses past April 20th, at which point you can freely interact with him. Make sure to have a persona of the Hierophant Arcana as it helps to gain more bonding points with Sojiro, making you climb ranks faster without having to spend more time with him outside of ranking up interactions. Also getting Rank 10 for this confidant is missable. When I say missable, I mean that this is not a Confidant that automatically ranks up to Rank 10 just by progressing through the story. Many other Arcanas do rank up automatically, but you’ll have to actively spend time with Sojiro and strengthening your bond with him to max it out by the end of the game.

Rank 1 – Just talk to Sojiro anytime after April 20th. The Confidant link will be formed

Rank 2:
Response 1 – option 1
Response 2 – option 2
Response 3 – option 3

Before you move onto Rank 3 interaction, you have make some coffee at least once and get Sojiro’s advice on it. After that, you can interact with Sojiro to rank up to Rank 3 the next time you interact with him

Rank 3:
Response 1 – option 1
Response 2 – option 2

Rank 4:
Response 1 – option 1
Response 2 – option 2

Rank 5 – this rank interaction is locked due to the story till the end of August. The exact date would be August 22nd. After that you can interact with Sojiro again and rank his confidant level up.
Response 1 – option 3
Response 2 – option 2
Response 3 – option 1

Rank 6:
Response 1 – option 3
Response 2 – option 3
Response 3 – option 1

Rank 7 – you will need you Kindness social stat at Rank 5 to do this rank interaction.
Response 1 – option 1

Rank 8:
Response 1 – option 2
Response 2 – option 2
You will also begin The Money-grubbing Uncle Mementos Request. Both Sojiro’s and Futaba’s Hermit Arcana link will be locked till you finish this Mementos mission. Speak with Futaba the next time you see her outside Leblanc, and you two will go into Mementos together to finish the request.

Rank 9 – Once you finish the Mementos mission, this interaction is available.
Response 1 – option 1
Response 2 – option 2 or 3

Rank 10 – is a giant cutscene that is pretty touching. So enjoy it without my voice getting in the way.


1) Hierophant Confidant Rank Unlocks – 0:00
2) Rank 1 – 0:21
3) Rank 2 – 3:20
4) Making some Coffee – 6:27
5) Rank 3 – 8:41
6) Rank 4 – 10:27
7) Rank 5 – 12:20
8) Rank 6 – 15:56
9) Rank 7 – 19:35
10) Rank 8 – 24:11
11) Rank 9 – 26:58
12) Rank 10 – 29:44

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Persona 5 – Baal Ayamur And Crit Build

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Elec/Phys Baal Build inspired by Raiden Shogun [Persona 5 Royal]

Electric/physical hybrid build based on the aesthetic of the Raiden Shogun named Baal in Genshin Impact.

-Atharva Mohite Music – Raiden Shogun: Judgment of Euthymia”
-Raiden Shogun Battle Theme phase 2.

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