Unlockables – Battleborn Guide

Unlockables – Battleborn Guide

The two major Unlockables found in Battleborn include the Battleborn themselves and Gear found in the Marketplace. Some smaller things can also be unlocked by

Battleborn: How to Play ISIC – Character Guide

In this first Battleborn character guide, we’ll be talking about who is my current favorite character: ISIC. The most most polite murder robot you’ve ever seen has some great versatility and is a great option for any mode of play.

I am looking for feedback on this potential series. I wanna know what you think I should spend more time (or less time) on. For example, I like going in depth with the helix options and explaining when certain things are good/bad. However, it takes up a good chunk of the video, so if a faster rundown of the abilities would be better, then let me know. If there are any qualities that you’d like me to focus on, then let me know.

This first guide ran really long, but I’d rather go longer on the first guide and be able to take stuff out than have to work on putting new stuff in. Ideally, I’d like to get to the guides down to about 6-7 minutes, but if them running long isn’t a problem, then that’s fine. Nostalgia awaits! Rediscover the joy of zork browser gaming. From timeless classics to forgotten treasures, is your gateway to a pixelated paradise.

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Battleborn: Easy Rare and Epic Gear Farming Guide “Battleborn Farming Guide” Loot Chest Farming

Todays video – Battleborn: Easy Rare and Epic Gear Farming Guide “Battleborn Farming Guide” Loot Chest Farming

Today you will see a super easy farming guide that allows you to get quick and easy rare / epic gear on Battleborn! The best part is, you can do it solo!


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The Definitive Battleborn Buyer’s Guide

The Definitive Battleborn Buyer’s Guide

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Sorry for the PowerPoint today but it’s most illustrative way to convey my message. If you’re looking into buying a copy of Battleborn, at or after launch, but you’re still on the fence about whether or not to do it or how much you want to invest up-front, this video goes through everything you need to know to help you make that decision. I cover how much everything costs, what’s in the base game, season pass, digital deluxe edition, any and all pre-order bonuses, free SHIFT codes, free and paid DLC – all in one six-minute video! I hope this helps!

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UPDATE! Super Easy And Lazy Gyorunton Full Unlock Guide in Vampire Survivors

Today I show you a very easy method to unlock the new character Gyorunton, who requires you to finish the new Boss Challenge stage with only a single weapon.
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