Winter Lantern – Bloodborne Guide

Winter Lantern – Bloodborne Guide

The Winter Lantern (Known also as Singing Brain Ladies, Creepy Space Mermaids, etc) are terrifying enemies found in both The Nightmare Frontier and

Bloodborne: Winter Lantern singing | 40+ Insight |

As well as off-key singing, they can beat your ass just by looking at you. (I’m sure you’re already aware of that.)


Bloodborne BL4 – Winter Lantern Farming

Bloodborne™: Game of the Year Edition!/en-bg/tid=CUSA03173_00

We’ve solved the mystery of Winter Lanterns! [Bloodborne Lore]

What are the winer lanterns? Where are they? What is their purpose? Everything you ever wanted to know!
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Brain Trust/Winter Lantern Strategy – Parrying the Singing Brain Ladies in Bloodborne

How to beat the singing Brain Trust / Winter Lantern ladies with parries.